Restroom Services

Our restroom service can included all your restroom paper products, hand soap, urinal screens and air fresheners!

rest room 3We clean restrooms with hospital grade disinfectants, clean and sanitize all fixtures (sinks, urinals and toilets) remove all stains on fixtures and calcium under the urinals and toilets. We mop, scrub and sanitize the restroom walls and stalls. All the mirrors and chrome through out the restroom are sparkling clean!

Our restroom service can include your paper products, foaming hand soap, urinal screens and air fresheners with dispenser. Your staff and clients can be assured of a beautiful cleaned restroom to enhance their experience at your office or place of business.

Restroom Hygiene is very important to your clients. We would suggest you add Purell Hand Sanitizer throughout your place of business to keep your clients hands sanitized and happy to do business with you!